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Later next month, just in time for a good Labor Day read, Summer of the Dead—the third in Julia Keller’s series about Raythune County, West Virginia prosecuting attorney Bell Elkins—will be released.


CT keller_bks.jpgSummer of the Dead


If you haven’t read Ms. Keller’s previous two works A Killing in the Hills and Bitter River, I suggest you start reading now. If you are already waiting for Summer of the Dead, I suggest you download the e-short story, “The Devil’s Stepdaughter,” a look into Bell’s back story. Consider it a concentrated chill.

This is a long interview. Although I had no troubled editing down my ramblings, Ms. Keller speaks as eloquently as she writes: every anecdote is worth listening to. At the end we discuss the work of T. Jefferson Parker and Stuart Neville and Ms. Keller perfectly describes how important place and setting are to crime fiction, and I feel she knows whereof she speaks, for there are few better practitioners.

Photo of Julia Keller ©Mike Zajakowski


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