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What could possibly go wrong when Raf—who happens to suffer from a circadian rhythm disorder—the world of pirate radio and the drug-infused world of dance raves in South London find themselves caught in the crossfire between an unscrupulous mining company and a cadre of Burmese revolutionaries? In Glow, lots.




Ned thoughtfully provided an FAQ to answer such questions as “how did you get the idea for the book,” “why did you decide on writing a thriller after ‘willfully confounding postmodern black comedies’” and “why did you decide to set Glow in the modern day?” You can find the answers to those three questions, as well as others, at Ned Beauman’s blog. As well as a Spotify playlist of “semi-recent music that helped to inspire [Glow].”

Photo of Ned Beauman ©Michael Lionstar


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