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Political Fixer Joe DeMarco is back in House Reckoning, which takes him back to his hometown of Queens, New York, to rekindle old friendships and make new enemies.


MikeLawson_BW (2)credit Tara GrimmerHouse Reckoning by Mike Lawson


I like what Mike Lawson had to say about choosing a fixer as a central character. Not a private investigator, police detective, or lawyer, a fixer is someone who can walk on both sides of the line without necessarily being identified as a renegade. In Mike Lawson’s House series, DeMarco’s the guy his boss Congressman Mahoney turns to when he needs to get something done.

Mike Lawson and I also talked about Rosarito Beach, the first book his other series featuring DEA Agent Kay Hamilton. The second in that series, Viking Bay, will be out in January 2015.

photo © Tara Grimmer


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