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The New York Times best selling author on her book that delves into the secret program the U.S. employed to sanitize the relocation of Nazi scientists to America after the end of World War II.

Annie Jacobsen at LATFOB

Annie Jacobsen and I sat down at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books to discuss her most recent book, Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program to Bring Nazi Scientists to America. Along the way we also discussed the TV adaptation of her Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base by Chris Carter of X-Files fame as well as who has optioned Paperclip. Spoiler alert: His partner optioned—and is directing—the film version of Unbroken.

I also mentioned some of the articles that Annie Jacobsen wrote for LA, The Los Angeles Times Magazine when I was its editor in chief. Links to articles written by Annie Jacobsen are directly below:

What Plane?

The Road to Area 51

Camping with Qaddafi

Element of Surprise

What Lies Beneath

Kabul Lullaby

From Mojave to the Moon

Out of Iran: One L.A. Dentist’s Great Horseback Escape

Photo of Annie Jacobsen by Nancie Clare


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