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Billy Boyle is back in The Rest Is Silence, the ninth installment in the series of Billy Boyle World War II Mysteries.


Jim Benn for Rest Is Silence (credit D. Mandel)978-1-61695-266-2 (1)


James. R. Benn first book, On Desperate Ground, took place during World War II, but was not a mystery. But one of the story’s secondary characters, police detective Billy Boyle, stayed with him. And James has returned the favor by staying with him: the ninth in the Billy Boyle World War II mysteries, The Rest Is Silence, was published a few weeks ago. And the next one, The White Ghost, due in 2015, has just been completed. In his interview James provides a tantalizing preview to Billy Boyle’s next adventure. Or rather, tells the story of an adventure Billy had back in 1943 in the Pacific investigating another Bostonian who had lost his ship. His PT boat to be exact.

Photo of James R. Benn © D. Mandel





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