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Aimée Leduc is back in Murder at the Porte de Versailles, the 20th installment in Cara Black’s arrondissement-specific series that takes place in November 2001, in a fraught post-9/11 Paris. This time Aimée is racing around the 15th arrondissement, a residential part of Paris that, Cara explains, is where you move after you finish your clubbing days and want to raise a family. But murder and mayhem happen, and Aimée is desperate to find out who bombed the police lab located in the 15th, because her close friend Boris was there when the explosion occurred. And he’s not just in a coma—he’s being blamed. In fact, Aimée is so good—and persistent—that the DGSI: General Directorate for Internal Security, presses her into service. They just may not like what she finds out…






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