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The Baker Street Babe talks with Les Klinger about the next book in the Timothy Wilde trilogy, writing for the Watson and Holmes graphic stories and how Jane Eyre can coax out the dark side for a character in her new novel.




By her own admission Lyndsay Faye thinks it’s a good idea for her to keep busy. We’ll say. The Fatal Flame, the third installment in the Timothy Wilde series that began with the Edgar Award-nominated The Gods of Gotham, followed by Seven for a Secret (which was released in paperback on August 5) is in the can and will be published in Spring 2015. She’s currently working on a book that centers on a character who, like Jane Eyre, is told she’s wicked but, unlike the saintly Ms. Eyre, decides she can break bad. And she’s writing for the delightful Watson and Holmes comics, which is currently engaged in a Kickstarter campaign to fund its second volume. Speaking of Mysteries is proud to have supported the efforts and encourages everyone else who loves all things Sherlock and Lyndsay Faye to join us.



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