Episode 108: Suzanne Chazin

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What happens to a police officer who mistakenly shoots an unarmed man of color? That question and more is examined in Suzanne Chazin’s timely mystery No Witness But the Moon, when her protagonist Detective Jimmy Vega responds to a call of “shots fired” at the home of a wealthy Mexican musician  

Episode 103: James L’Etoile

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Meet John Penley, homicide detective in the Sacramento, CA police department: In At What Cost, James L’Etoile’s debut mystery, Penley is doing the best he can to balance an investigation into a series of particularly gruesome murders with the tension of waiting for a suitable donor for his young son who needs a kidney      

Episode 96: Hester Young

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The secrets of the past collide with present-day betrayals in The Gates of Evangeline, Hester Young’s atmospheric genre-bending mystery that weaves loss, devotion, and hope into a Southern Gothic suspense story     Photo of Hester Young ©Francine Daveta Photography

Episode 89: R. J. Koreto

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Title or no title, it isn’t easy being an independent woman in Edwardian England as Lady Frances Ffolkes, the protagonist of R.J. Koreto’s debut mystery, Death on the Sapphire, finds out    

Episode 75: Joe Clifford

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Lamentation, Joe Clifford’s debut crime fiction novel—and first in a series—explores the region where family, addition, secrets and small town sensibilities intersect  

Episode 65: Hallie Ephron

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By her own admission Hallie Ephron was late to the family business of writing, but mystery fans will agree that the wait was worth it   From her first five novels, co-written with Donald Davidoff as G.H. Ephron, and her non-fiction works, to her standalone mysteries, the most recent of which is Night Night, Sleep Tight,… Read more »

Episode 62: Kelli Stanley

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San Francisco’s first lady of Noir has her own tales of the City, including her most recent Miranda Corbie novel, City of Ghosts     Kelli’s Noir cred goes beyond San Francisco of 1940, her other series, which features Arcturus, a physician of Roman Britain, began with Nox Dormienda, a nod to Raymond Chandler.  

Episode 58: Otto Penzler

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According to Otto Penzler, the dean of the mystery fiction genre, a short story anthology is like going to a party: you’ll see some familiar names and have the opportunity to meet new ones

Critic’s Choice: Tom Nolan, reviewer of mysteries for “The Wall Street Journal”

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The man with—at least for fans of crime fiction and thrillers—one of the best jobs in the world, shares his opinions on the state of genre Tom Nolan, whose biography of California noir writer Ross MacDonald was nominated for an Edgar Award, talks mysteries, thrillers, must-reads and gives his honest opinion of Gillian Flynn’s Gone… Read more »